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lead vs. prospect vs. opportunity

When we implement a CRM, the question always arises... What is a lead? What is a prospect? What is the difference between lead, prospect and opportunity?

The conversation can get spicy 😅, especially if we are with the marketing and sales team.

Basically, because marketing gets leads for sales. 👉Sales needs qualified leads to reach the number. That is why these definitions are crucial and will be key to ensuring business success.

I share basic definitions :


A lead is a person who shows interest in a product or service of your company*

It can also be a person or company pre-selected by your sales team that fits your ideal customer profile*

In inbound marketing, the lead is the person who has responded to content and in return has left a contact form.


This is a lead that has gone through a sales qualification process. In other words, a customer of potential value.

This is someone you already have stronger communication with. A prospect requests more detailed information, has a need that you can satisfy, and expresses a genuine interest in your service or product.


The opportunity presents itself when you have shown the prospect how the product and/or service you offer solves their main need, according to their specific characteristics.

If you are implementing a CRM or making improvements, it is convenient to define these terms as a team, inviting marketing and sales to the same table. And beyond what the experts say, a definition made as a team and understood by all is worth more than what the book says.

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Good sales!




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