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¿ What to do before buying Pipedrive ?

Selecting a CRM is not an easy decision

Follow these 5 steps before signing up for a Pipedrive or other CRM:

1. Think about the needs of your business, process and people

2. Review the features and costs of the subscription plans,

3. Evaluate priorities and budget

4. Watch usage videos. Most brands have a You tube channel.

5. Before making a CRM purchase, it's important to see a real, hands-on demo. Find a free demo from a partner. Almost all CRM brands have partners, specialized companies that help implement the platform.

AGILIZA offers free demos tailored to the industry and priority customer cases, advice on the best subscription plan and extended 30-day trials with help in configuring and using the tool.

If you would like me to help you evaluate Pipedrive CRM for your company:

1. Schedule a free demo here

  • You will receive a form with questions about the commercial process

  • We will prepare a Pipedrive demo tailored to your business

Good sales!

Buenas ventas!


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